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 I used to have a computer in my bedroom, and would type up accounts of my dreams immediately when I woke up. I practiced focusing techniques to the point where I could often achieve a state of lucid dreaming. I remembered the majority of my dreams and was able to consciously influence my behavior in them, sometimes replaying scenes differently before relinquishing control, sometimes just playing along in my own role. The longer you pay serious attention to your dreams- especially taking the time to write them down- the more you'll remember and the more interesting they'll get. I've fallen out of the practice, but I still occasionally remember my dreams in detail. I intend to type them up when I do, and include them here. Anyone interested in playing Armchair Psychoanalyst can email me their take on them. I'd be interested in people's opinions on what they mean. As dreams go, this isn't a very wierd one; some of them get downright strange (and therefore more interesting).

Scene 1:
I was an intangible observer, watching a blonde boy in a red shirt, followed by another, smaller boy, navigate a somewhat perilous ledge aside a large house. The ledge became very narrow around a large, rough textured, off-white, curved concrete pillar. The first boy managed it by flattening himself against the pillar and shuffling past, then he turned to the second boy and attempted to persuade him to follow. The second boy expressed some apprehension, and the first boy sort of shrugged and continued on out of view. The second boy seemed to want help, and it was at this point I became a tangible player in the scene.

I also encouraged him to continue, shuffling around the pillar the same way the first boy did, and convinced him to follow me. Working our way down the path we came to the top of a large stair, which led down to a grassy area containing an old swing set. The view from our position revealed the grounds to be part of a residential neighborhood. The rear area of the property we now overlooked was adjacent to a surface street running parrallel to a freeway. The whole area resembled the residential district west of I-5 in the University District of Seattle. Looking down on the swing set, the right-most swing was occupied by a vague greyish alien with his back to us. He wasn't swinging, but rather sitting there motionless. The next left-most swing was empty, and unmoving, as if it had not been touched recently...and the first boy remained nowhere to be seen. This was obviously the path he'd taken, but we hadn't caught up to him yet.

The boy I was accompanying still wanted to find the first boy, though he was reluctant to make his way down the stair- possibly due to the presence of the alien. I was aware of this without exchanging words. I led us to the front of the property where we would make our way around the block to the back of the grounds by bicycle. We trolled the streets briefly, keeping our eyes peeled for the first boy, making our way around the block, eventually coming full circle back to the front of the property, where we found the first boy engaged in something to do with the mailbox.

I noticed a large television occupying a position in the bushes in front of the house, the screen of which was covered by a light-brown rubbery sheet held in place by a series of small rocks placed across the top. The sheet seemed designed to repel small projectiles in the event they were directed toward it. As I contemplated this, a dark-haired teenage girl, evidently a resident of the house, emerged from her car. She spoke with Red-Shirt-Blonde-Hair-Boy, in a manner not altogether friendly, mildly annoyed at our presence, and proceeded on with her business.

Scene 2:
I was on the lower grounds of the property, though they'd changed. I saw no other people, but felt a presence, as if I was not alone. The perimeter of the area was now a large rockery some dozen or so feet tall. Bright sunshine had given way to shadows and murk. Someone had instructed me on the procedure I would use to subdue the huge black stallions which lumbered ponderously around. I was to shoot them in the thigh with a small device, attaching it to the thigh of the animal. Inside the device was worm-like creature. When the device became attached to the leg of the animal, the worm would inject an organic compound into the animal which would render him susceptible to our mind control. As I ran through these instructions in my head I noticed one of the animals had the device already attached, and seemed somewhat more docile than the rest. I got the impression that the animals were destined to be eaten, and wondered if the compound injected into the animals by the worm might actually make them unsafe to eat.

I don't remember actually carrying out the procedure on any of the animals, but the task was finished, and the creatures were now under our control. The stallions seemed quite friendly and intelligent, even having learned to speak. From the back of one of the creatures, I expressed a desire to get to the top of the rock wall perimeter. The stallion stood on his hind legs, and I clambered up his nose, where he picked me up with his front hooves and placed me atop the rock wall, wishing me luck before he returned to all fours.

Scene 3:
I was in the kitchen of a large restaurant bustling with activity. A girl I used to date was trying to find a place to feed her very young infant. She hurriedly disappeared around a corner, talking over her shoulder to me the whole time, carrying the child. A man in the room she disappeared into, visible to me through a window, seemed quite interested in me. There was more to this scene, in which I learned that the man in the windowed room was her current significant other, but the rest escapes me.

Scene 4:
I was seated at the kitchen table of an apartment I used to live in when I was in 8th grade. My parents were there, as were Former-Girlfriend and her child. Former-Girlfriend and I seemed to be our current ages. The conversation was animated, and I was part of it, but I don't remember the discussion. Again, this scene continued, but it escapes me now.

Scene 5:
I was in a parking-garage beneath a J.C. Penney building. My mother seemed to work there, but she wasn't present. A latino woman asked me to acquire a catalog for her, so she could look something up. I expressed doubt about my ability to accomodate her request, but attempted the task. I climbed down the outside of the structure by monkeying my way down a series of ledges and horizontal steel pipes. Gaining the bottom I crossed the street to the office and rummaged through a desk until I found a catalog. My father was there, and we exchanged words briefly. Bringing the catalog to Latino-Woman, I opened it and tried to help her find what she was looking for. When she told me she actually wanted to take the catalog for herself to use later, I got the impression she'd wanted that all along and had misrepresented what she wanted to get her way. I was mildly annoyed by this manipulative behavior, and I also doubted I could give her the catalog. As I began expressing this to her, my father appeared and told me that it was OK, that's what they were for. I gave it to the woman and she left.

Scene 6:
I was seated at a conference table in an high-rise office building, talking with a neighbor of mine, a man I mildly dislike. He was holding a (still unfinished) sword I made as a gift for my son. [The sword is real- see below- the conversation with the man is the dream.]
unfinished sword i made for my son

I told him the blade was made from a single piece of 1/4" aluminum plate, shaped by hand. He asked me if I filed it into shape, and I explained to him that filing it would take forever, that I'd used grinding tools, and explained the procedure briefly. Taking the sword from him, I held it out in front of me (pointed away from the man). Looking down the flat side of the blade lengthwise, I noticed the shape of the blade was much more complex than the way I'd made it in real life.

Thus endeth the dream. On to life on this side of the veil.

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